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Landscape Plant SupplyWhat Can We Supply?

Unbeatable Availability Year-Round

Modern horticulture has allowed plants from all over the world to becomes staples in every landscape. Plants from multiple climate regions are a common request and Pacifica Nurseries is able to offer a broad range of materials, from new releases to popular requests. Availability throughout the year is fluid, but includes perennials, shrubs, trees, and Pacific Northwest natives.

Ground Covers

Ground Covers are the tireless workhorse of any project and are available in a large assortment of species and quantities. The name says it all, as they can quickly cover large areas of ground for moisture retention and erosion control. Low maintenance and fast growing, ground covers may also help keep a clean, easy look that won’t break a budget.



These charming bedding plants are smaller species that come back year after year to pack a colourful punch. With the same solid longevity of larger material like trees and shrubs, perennials are a landscape’s “creative flair”. Mix and match for eye-catching intensity or to promote healthy pollinator activity. Each season of the year brings new textures and interest for constant “Wow!” factor.



Color, size, texture, fruit, flowers, shape, utility, privacy and beauty ….shrubs can literally do it all. Whatever style it takes, these sturdy plants fill out the landscape and add reliable form. Shrubs represent the bulk of most orders and can range from small containers to larger B&B material.



B&B and containerized trees are available. These beautiful arbors are designed to both anchor your landscape and set it apart. Unlike other wholesalers who are restricted by space and limited species capability, Pacifica Nurseries has access to all kinds of trees: evergreen, deciduous, specimen, street-grade, fruiting and everything in between.


Native Plants

Pacifica Nurseries’ name was influenced from the breath-taking evergreens and majestic mountains for which the northwest region is known. Suitable for an enviro-conscious landscape, or large scale restoration, natives are the way to go.

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